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Craft This! Weekly: Alphabet

Craft This! Weekly is a weekly challenge to craft something, anything, that was inspired by the week’s word or phrase. You can read more about it (and join in!) at Tiny Elephant.

This week’s Craft This! word was “alphabet”.

Handmade DIY Framed Felt Board

I made a little framed felt board for Lyra, with numbers, letters, and a flower. I used bright colors to go with her bedroom, where I’ll hang it, at her level, on the wall.

Framed Felt/Flannel Board with ABCs and Numbers

Framed felt boards or flannel boards are very easy to make. I removed the glass from this large frame, then stretched my background fabric tight over the cardboard frame back. I trimmed the material and then hot glued the edges down on the back of the frame. Then, I traced letters and shapes onto felt with a disappearing marker and cut them out.

These pieces will get us started, and it’ll be super easy to make more as needed. πŸ™‚

Next week’s Craft This! theme is now up at Tiny Elephant. If you do any kind of crafting, you should join us!

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The Patchwork Toddler Bed and the $15 Bedding Set

Lyra’s new bed is completely finished now. You can see the original bed post here.

Patchwork Toddler Bed with Bedding

My first instinct was to go with white bedding, because of all that color on the bed itself, but I talked myself out of that pretty quickly. I doubt white bedding with a toddler would end well.

Patchwork Toddler Bed with Bedding

I managed to make this bedding set (fitted sheet, comforter, two pillows, two sham pillowcases) for $15, using a couple of tutorials from Prudent Baby and some store bought bedding supplies. I put together a little how-to, click the link below (or read on) to see it! πŸ™‚

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