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Nap Mat Cover Redesign

Nap Mat Cover with handle, pillow, and strap - Strawberry Tea Party

My nap mat covers have a new look!

The new-and-improved attached strap secures with wide velcro closures, and has a handle right on top.

Handmade dinosaur napmat cover with pillow and blanket.

The attached pillowcase can be flipped out beyond the nap mat, providing several extra inches of length. Velcro keeps the pillow securely inside the pillowcase.

The available attached fleece or flannel blanket has extra width to keep things snuggly, and binding for added cuteness.

Handmade Basic Kindermat Cover

You can pick your favorite prints and desired add-ons, and purchase your own nap mat cover here. Custom fabric choices are always welcome, too, contact me for details. 🙂

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