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Messenger Bags and Fabric Designs

About a month ago, I designed six fabrics and had them printed by Spoonflower. The fabrics arrived last week and I got to work turning them into messenger bags. All of the bags are listed in the shop.

Butterfly Fade Messenger Bag

There’s a three toned blue butterfly fade bag,

Green Grasshopper Messenger Bag Green Grasshopper Bag Open

and a bright green grasshopper bag.

Tetris Messenger Bag Tetris Messenger Bag Zipper

TETRIS! And not some sloppy game that’s full of holes, that would be annoying. No, with this bag, you are moments away from scoring a tetris.

Colorful Squares Messenger Bag Colorful Squares Messenger Bag Back

This brown bag has colorful rounded squares.

Vinyl Records Messenger Bag Vinyl Record Player Messenger Bag Back

This bag’s flap has bunch of records, player included.

Dandelion Messenger Bag Vinyl Messenger Bag Back

And a grassy one, complete with dandelion fluff being blown away.

Working with my own fabric designs was a lot of fun, I already want to design more! 😀

4 thoughts on “Messenger Bags and Fabric Designs

  1. These are super cute! How long did it take you to make one? Also love your fabric designs.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    The bags take several hours each, with so many pieces and layers involved.

  3. Your fabrics are amazing!! You are super talented! (Bows) My stuff looks like crap in comparison!

    Other stupid question: what is the font you used in your banner add on Trolls? I’m a fontophile (for machine embroidery and all).

  4. Aww, thanks! Your stuff is great, though.

    That font is “Desyrel”. 🙂

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