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Craft Armoire

Craft Armoire

I needed more storage for my crafty stuff. Really, really bad. So I renovated an old armoire.

Craft Armoire before

It was sitting in our garage when we moved in. I knew right away that it had potential, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use it for.

Craft Armoire before

I wasn’t sure what to do about the missing drawers. Part of the trim around the top was missing too. Not missing: wasp nests and spiders and bird poop. O.o

Craft Armoire inside

I cleaned it out really well and then I painted it with eleventy billion coats of Late Tomato red latex paint. I replaced all of the top trim, mitered corners and all. I plan to install a shelf or two on the right side to maximize storage capacity. I may install my mini ironing board so that it folds down from the inside of the door, but there are more urgent projects to work on first.

Craft Armoire

I had thought about priming the cabinet first, but I guessed that I might like the effect if the red was darker on the inner panels. And I do! It came out a lovely shade of purple and adds a lot of visual interest.

Craft Armoire

I attached a skeleton key to serve as a knob for the right side. The other knob was an extra from our kitchen cabinets. I gave the drawer bottoms a coat of PolyAcrylic so that I could be sure they are clean.

Craft Armoire basket drawers

The baskets are two deep in there, so there are ten wee baskets total. I have baskets for supplies, yarn, fabric, and WIPs like this one. I’m hoping that having a work in progress or two visible will inspire me to finish one occasionally.

Thanks to amazing basket prices at Lucky Clover Trading Company, I only spent $40 on this project. The baskets were $3 a piece and I bought a quart of red paint. I haven’t even filled all the baskets yet and my craft stuff is all put away. Hooray! 😀

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  1. I have one in our garage. We are going to work on this project tomorrow. Do you have history or manufacture of this? What type of wood are these made of? We live in the finger lake region of upstate NY.

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