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Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli

Handmade Toddler Lollipop Dress

I designed this colorful lollipop fabric, with coordinating stripes, and had Spoonflower print it onto their lightweight cotton lawn. Paired with some super soft and airy chocolate brown cotton voile, the dress came out so light and flowy.

Boutique Original Fabric Design Lollipop Dress

This is the first of a few different Christmas-y dresses that I’m going to list before the holidays.

Christmas Toddler Lollipop Dress

Striped straps tie in back for an extra burst of color. The dress has cute little puff sleeves, and it is fully lined in the brown voile.

Handmade Brown Holiday Lollipop Dress

This dress is available in custom sizes in the shop. 🙂

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Wrap Skirt in Vintage Fabric

Handmade Half Circle Wrap Skirt in Vintage Fabric

This is the skirt I made the other day, out of a gorgeous vintage floral print. I love it, I’m hoping I can pick up some more of this fabric and make one for myself, too.

Wrap Skirt in Vintage Fabric Handmade Etsy Boutique

It’s a half circle wrap skirt, so it has quite a bit of flare to it. The wind helped to demonstrate that in this picture.

Wrap Skirt in Vintage Fabric Detail

Here’s the fabric up close. This skirt is in the shop. 🙂

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Messenger Bags and Fabric Designs

About a month ago, I designed six fabrics and had them printed by Spoonflower. The fabrics arrived last week and I got to work turning them into messenger bags. All of the bags are listed in the shop.

Butterfly Fade Messenger Bag

There’s a three toned blue butterfly fade bag,

Green Grasshopper Messenger Bag Green Grasshopper Bag Open

and a bright green grasshopper bag.

Tetris Messenger Bag Tetris Messenger Bag Zipper

TETRIS! And not some sloppy game that’s full of holes, that would be annoying. No, with this bag, you are moments away from scoring a tetris.

Colorful Squares Messenger Bag Colorful Squares Messenger Bag Back

This brown bag has colorful rounded squares.

Vinyl Records Messenger Bag Vinyl Record Player Messenger Bag Back

This bag’s flap has bunch of records, player included.

Dandelion Messenger Bag Vinyl Messenger Bag Back

And a grassy one, complete with dandelion fluff being blown away.

Working with my own fabric designs was a lot of fun, I already want to design more! 😀

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Craft This! Weekly: School

Craft This! is a weekly challenge to create any kind of craft based on a chosen theme.

El’s on vacation, so I’m hosting Craft This! here this week.

This week’s theme was “school”. We don’t have a need for school related items in my house this year, so I made a couple of items for my shop. I used the super sweet coordinating fabrics from Cosmo Cricket’s Girl Friday line.

Alphabet Kindermat Nap Mat Cover

This is a Kindermat cover with an attached pillow.

Handmade Alphabet Nap Mat Cover

It’s a great way to dress up the standard red and blue Kindermat, and it’s removable for machine washing. It’s in the shop.

Eco-Friendly Handmade Lunch Bag Set

I also made an eco-friendly lunch set, complete with a soft messenger bag style lunchbag, two reusable snack/sandwich bags, and three cloth napkins.

Eco-Friendly Lunch Set

It’s in the shop, too.

Next week’s theme is “yellow”, and I hope you’ll join us. Any type of craft is welcome; sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, creative hot gluing, anything! You don’t have to finish by Friday, in progress projects are great, too. Next week’s results will be back over at Tiny Elephant on Friday. 🙂

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19th Century Costume Dress

19th Century Inspired Costume Dress for Toddler Girl

This is Lyra in the 19th century inspired dress that I posted about here.

Colonial, Prairie, or Pioneer Costume Dress

My mom took these pictures, aren’t they great? Photographing a busy toddler is no small feat.

Halloween Costume Felicity Birthday party

I made a listing for a custom dress like this, it’s here.

Colonial or Prairie Dress Tea Party Apron Ruffles

I didn’t get a chance to make a bonnet before we took pictures, but I think it would have been extra cute, so..try to imagine it. Cute, right? 🙂