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Alice Dress and Apron

Alice Dress and Apron

This dress and apron set was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Alice Dress and Apron

The blue dress is beautiful on its own, and not at all costume-y.

Handmade Toddler Dress

I used these lovely Swiss embroidered cottons for the dress and the apron skirt. The dress is fully lined.

Alice in Wonderland Costume

The apron ties cross in back and then come together to form a Disney-sized bow.

I have enough fabric to make one or two more, so I’ve listed this in the shop in custom sizes. I’m also planning to put together a pattern/tutorial for the set. 🙂

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Adventures in Patternmaking, Part 1: Basic Skirt

Cal Patch Design it Yourself Clothes

I’ve begun working my way through Cal Patch’s Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified, and I am going to chronicle my efforts here.

There are five projects in Design-It-Yourself Clothes, meant to be worked in order. If I get through the entire book, I’ll have designed and drafted my own patterns for a skirt, tee shirt, button-up shirt, dress, and pants.

I’ve been pretty anti-pattern in the past, but the downsides of my “just wing it!” approach are becoming more and more apparent. Trial and error is not a good way to get clothes to fit.

I put off getting started with this book for quite a while. On my initial skim-through, the directions appeared to be in a different language. O.o


But, once I gathered my materials and took my measurements, things got rolling. Drafting the pattern was simple and nowhere near as mundane as I had feared. I used grocery bags and they worked well.

Though I was tempted to skip ahead, I started on the basic skirt pattern as instructed. I liked the “Laura Skirt” variation, which added a ruffle and a yoke.


I made my skirt in gray wool, with a bit of cotton print for facing. I did not make a muslin first ..but I will in the future. Hopefully. The book strongly suggests doing so, but it goes against my just wingin’ it philosophy, so I’m struggling with it.


Even though designing a skirt is fairly straightforward, I’ve learned a lot how to square corners and adjust the measurements for darts.


The inside of the skirt is awfully pretty. It makes me happy.


The skirt fits just like I wanted, with a low waist and an impressive amount of flare.

I need a dress form, really really badly. Trying to take pictures of myself is awkward, and the angles are terrible.


Conclusion: All of the pieces came together exactly as they should, and it fits just how I wanted it to. I’m a little surprised (and a lot proud!).

Up next in the book, a tee shirt! 🙂

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Doll Quilt and Moses Basket

I finished Lyra’s Christmas presents this weekend (oops!). Her doll now has a place to sleep.

Doll Bassinet Basket

I had ordered a couple of these awesome Moses baskets a few months ago, and they finally came.

Doll Bedding

I made a “mattress” and attached pillow out of a white cotton knit. The mattress pad can be removed from the basket.

Pinwheel Doll Quilt

The quilt is a little pinwheel quilt in fabrics from Cosmo Cricket’s Girl Friday line. The back is pale yellow.

Doll, Moses Basket, Quilt

Of course, now she needs a nightgown. 😛