How to Customize Files

How to Customize Files:

Choose a file to customize here. Click the “Customize this Design” button on the file’s page.

For many designs, first a window will appear that allows you to replace the standard messages or wordings with your own. For quickest results, choose messages of the same length or number of lines as the ones you are replacing. Use the enter key on your keyboard, within a message, to add a line break and spread your text evenly between two lines. If your messages are longer, you will have the ability to adjust font sizes after completing the form.

Once you’ve submitted the form, use the arrows below the page to move through your pages and check if any adjustments will be needed. Clicking on a text field will bring up a menu that allows you to change options. Click the … (ellipsis) at the bottom right of the menu to find the font size setting. Clicking the text twice (or choosing the pencil/writing icon from the text menu) allows you to edit the message text. When a field is selected, you can use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move it around on the page. To unselect something, click anywhere outside of the page. Zoom in and out on your design with the buttons in the bottom left corner.

When you are finished with your design, you may download your file as a ready-to-print PDF by pressing the Download PDF button near the top right of the page. If you would like to work on it again later, choose the clock icon to Save for Later. Choosing the Submit option (check mark icon at top right) both saves the finished file to your account and then presents an option for downloading the PDF.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems or bugs, or if you need assistance completing your designs.