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Rainbow Ring Stacker

Wow, it’s been an entire month since I last blogged! I’ve been busy with some pretty big projects that I’ll be ready to share sometime soon.

More recently, I’ve been making stuffed ring stackers.

Rainbow Soft Ring Stacker Baby Toddler Toy

This rainbow stacker toy is great for those terribly difficult gender-unknown baby showers. Or maybe those are just difficult for me. 😛

Handmade Sewn Boutique Plush Stacker Toy

I *love* picking out prints and putting them in rainbow order! This is a fabulous project to do with stashed fabric.

This stacker has been in the shop for a while, go have a look. 🙂

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Gnomeville Play Dress

Handmade Boutique Girls Dress

I could not resist trying the insanely cute Gnomeville print from Michael Miller in my Play Dress pattern, and I’m so glad I did! I love gnomes, so, so much.

Gnomes Toddler Sundress

We tried something new for pictures today, a white backdrop hanging outside. It’s clear to me now that I need to make sure the whole thing is either shaded or lit, not with spots of light like these. Silly tree, with its iffy shading abilities.

Lyra did great, though, so I’m declaring these photos keepers. 😀

Indie Designer Kids Clothes

This dress is in the shop!

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Patchwork Hippie Skirt

Long Patchwork Wrap Skirt

Lookie! A hippie skirt! 😀

Hippie Patchwork Wrap Skirt

I love it. It’s so big and pretty.

Long Festival Wrap Hippy Skirt

The prints are so random. I keep finding a new favorite patch.

Boho Hippie Patchwork Wrap Skirt

I’ll be able to make just a couple more in custom sizes that look pretty much just like this one, with similar prints and colors. Here’s the listing. 🙂