Layered Seersucker Skirt

Handmade Toddler Girls Clothes

After sketching this skirt design, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make one for me or for Lyra.

Indie Designer Childrens Clothes

Lyra wins this time. :)

The skirt is in the shop.

Patchwork Hippie Skirt

Long Patchwork Wrap Skirt

Lookie! A hippie skirt! :D

Hippie Patchwork Wrap Skirt

I love it. It’s so big and pretty.

Long Festival Wrap Hippy Skirt

The prints are so random. I keep finding a new favorite patch.

Boho Hippie Patchwork Wrap Skirt

I’ll be able to make just a couple more in custom sizes that look pretty much just like this one, with similar prints and colors. Here’s the listing. :)

Do-Si-Do Skirt

handmade tiered skirt vintage fabrics

I sewed this knee-length skirt up in some pretty vintage floral fabrics. It has a country western feel to it, so I borrowed some cowboy boots for the photographs.

Do-Si-Do Square Dancing Skirt

It has a huge amount of twirl! Square dancing, anyone?

gypsy boho hippie tiered skirt

The skirt is in the shop! :D

The Patchwork Toddler Bed and the $15 Bedding Set

Lyra’s new bed is completely finished now. You can see the original bed post here.

Patchwork Toddler Bed with Bedding

My first instinct was to go with white bedding, because of all that color on the bed itself, but I talked myself out of that pretty quickly. I doubt white bedding with a toddler would end well.

Patchwork Toddler Bed with Bedding

I managed to make this bedding set (fitted sheet, comforter, two pillows, two sham pillowcases) for $15, using a couple of tutorials from Prudent Baby and some store bought bedding supplies. I put together a little how-to, click the link below (or read on) to see it! :)

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Duck, Duck…GOOSE!

Duck, Duck, Goose! Handmade Toddler Dress

Isn’t this fun? I *loved* duck, duck, goose! I used another great David & Goliath print (and I’m already feeling the need to hunt down more of their awesome knits).

I have enough of this fabric for one or two more, so it’s in the shop.

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