Through the Looking-Glass

A recent customer was kind enough to send me these pictures of her daughter in one of my Alice dresses, and to allow me to share them with you.

Isn’t this adorable? :D

Announcing: Pecan Sandies Website Design

I’ve been making web-pages for the inner-nets! :P

A few days ago the new website for Imagination Kids Toys was launched. Go see! Here’s a little peek:

Pecan Sandies Web Design

Aren’t those hedgies adorable? I love them. Go and check out the blog, too, there is pie!

I’ve put together a makeshift page covering my design services, you can see it here.

Patchwork Toddler Bed

Patchwork Toddler Bed

I made a toddler bed!! \o/

Patchwork Toddler Bed

I did this all by myself! heh :D

Patchwork Toddler Bed

This heavy, sturdy (I’ve laid on it!) toddler daybed started as a little pile of lumber, and some fabric and batting. I used plans from

Patchwork Toddler Bed

You may recognize the patchwork fabric from this dress. I had just enough to upholster the bed. Although I didn’t really keep track, I don’t think I spent more than $40 on this project. Even if I would have needed to purchase the fabric, it probably wouldn’t have gone over $50.

Patchwork Toddler Bed

When I get some coordinating bedding worked up I’ll post a photo or two of the really finished version. I may also tighten up some of the upholstery on that front board, now that I see it in the photos it is bugging me. Update: Finished! See the new post here.

Overall, I’m so happy with how this turned out! The plans were perfect, and now I’m even more excited about the other pieces I want to build. THANK YOU ANA!! :D

Pecan Sandies on Facebook

I created a Facebook page for Pecan Sandies.

I could use some fans. Like me! :D

Extra Guy Stenciled Onesie

After seeing praises for freezer paper stenciling everywhere, I had to give it a shot.

mario one up stenciled onesie

There are plenty of tutorials available, and the process is very simple, so I won’t get into the details here.

one up mario onesie

I was very pleased with how well the freezer paper works as a stencil, I didn’t have any issues atall. Cutting the pieces is a little tedious, but not hard.

Freezer paper–it lives up to the hype! :)

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