Green Party Dress

Fancy Green Party Dress Toddler Baby Pageant Easter

This fancy green party dress might be my new favorite toddler dress. I’m a big fan of green, simple prints, tiny details, and overly full skirts that seem to require twirling. :D

Green Dress Pintuck Detail Vintage Inspired

It has wee little pintucks on the bodice, stitched in dark green. The skirt is a sheer green and tan polka dot organza, layered over solid green cotton. There’s a ribbon sewn on at the waistline.

Green Party Dress Polka Dot Organza Tea Party

It’s absolutely adorable on Lyra; I should get some pictures of that, too. Outdoor pictures, even! I am *so* ready for spring.

This dress is available A similar dress is available in my shop, in toddler and baby sizes. :)

2 Responses to Green Party Dress
  1. Nairne

    Will you ever put this green dress or something like it back on etsy to buy? I love the detail it is so cute, and I am looking for a dress for my daughters two year pictures (it not until Jan.).

  2. Jess

    Yes, I do have something similar planned to replace this dress. The green polka dot fabric will be slightly different, I couldn’t find more of the original fabric. Feel free to send me a message if I haven’t gotten it listed in time for your pictures. :)

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